Kabinet Anglického jazyka - Maturitní Témata


1.Hobbies and free time activities (your hobbies, how to avoid boredom, the importance of relaxation, workaholism, the ways people spend their free time,typical Czech hobbies, opportunities for hobbies, controversial teenagers´activities … )

2.Young people and their life ( a generation gap, bullying, drugs, absence of communication with parents, street gangs, graffiti, vandalism, unemployment, fashions,…)

3.Discrimination ( racism, homosexuals, treating different minorities, women in society, , religious discrimination, ageism, positive discr.,…)

4.What makes Britain different from Europe ( their typical customs and habits, royalty and political system, their representatives,famous Britons, festivals… )

5.Schools and studies ( pros & cons of our schools in comparison with the British or American system, studying abroad , modern ways of teaching and learning, your studies at secondary school, subjects and problems in them, teachers and classmates,… )

6.Mass media and their influence on our life ( the press, radio, TV and the Internet, the role the media, play in your life and in today´s world,… )

7.Culture and entertaiment ( music, art, cinema, theatre – what they bring to me, my favourite musicians, artists and actors, commerce in culture, discos and pop concerts, techno parties, … )

8.Health and illnesses (health care, civilisation diseases, doctors and hospitals, healthy style of life, alternative medicine, … )

9.Sports and other physical activities (kinds of sport, the ways of keeping fit, the Olympic Games and their ideals,other sports events, negative points: money and drugs in sport, violence in sport – rowdies, Czech mentality and sports, typical national sports… )

10.Crime and punishment ( crime & offence,reasons for the rise of crime in modern society, the influence of TV and films on the minds and behaviour of people, especially children,problems of fines and punishment, euthanasia and illegal abortions, capital punishment,… )

11.Environmental issues ( air & water pollution, the greenhouse effect, nuclear energy, acid rain, cutting down the rain forests, treating and experimenting on animals, extinction of species, „green“ organizations,…)

12.Town and village – pros & cons ( houses and living, today´s trends, ideal living, living in the future, housing problem, homelessness, mortgages and loans, problems of housing estates… )

13.The United States of America ( the US role in today´s world, its history, economics, politics and culture…)

14.The European Union (current and long term aims and problems of the EU, the role and prospects of the Czech Republic within the EU, history, structure and bodies of the EU, rights and duties of its members, your personal attitude to our position in the EU, our deputies in European administrative and executive structures, the Shengen Treaty – Europe without borders)

15.Addictions ( smoking, drugs, gambling, TV and computer addictions – their danger and how they limit our life,addiction and crime,… )

16.Progress and technology ( the new developments in science, technology, medicine, society etc and their influence on our life, space exploration, victims of progress, computers and mobiles. The mysteries we can´t explain …)

17.Food and drink ( the way you eat, the Czech cuisine and its traditions, today´s trends in nutrition, vegetarians, vegans and other diets, meals at Christmas and on feastdays , ethnic food, genetically engineered food, anorexia and bulimia,… )

18.Travelling and transport( recognizing new countries and their culture, talking to foreigners – your own experience, practising foreign languages, means of transport, accidents, services of travel agencies… )

19.My attitude to reading and literature ( fiction & non-fiction, literature in film, libraries, lessons of literature, my favourite writers and books, reading in the original, … )

20.Nightmares of our time ( terrorism, wars, religous conflicts, nuclear and chemical weapons, earthquakes and floods, famine,problems of globalization. You can decide on nightmares in history, technology or society.)

21.Jobs and professions ( my future career, different jobs and professions and their position in our society, well-paid jobs, the most respected jobs, experience in summer jobs, requalifications and unemployment, qualities nessesary for particular jobs, … )

22.People and society ( relationships between people – inside/ outside family, problems in society – getting along with others, antisocial groups, the homeless, political structure of the Czech, British and American society, moral and ethical questions, …)

23.Shopping, commerce, advertising ( shopping under one roof, shopping strategies, small shops and their future, street markets, second-hand shops, modern trends in shopping, public tastes ,creating demands, affluent society,our foreign trade,…)

24.The Czech Republic through the eyes of a foreigner ( A foreigner has just arrived in your country…Try to characterize our nation, what´s typical of us, our language, habits and traditions, what makes us different from the other nations, what are foreigners usually surprised by, famous Czechs… )

25.Cultural, social and political life in your hometown and region (historical and cultural traditions, architecture, employment, municipal facilities, housing problem, chemical industry and its influence on the environment, famous citizens,future development… )

Součástí každé otázky je rozbor situace na obrázku jako vedlejší téma.


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